Portraits of the Human Species:SEED

In On the Origins of the Species Charles Darwin postulated the concept of natural selection whereby organisms constantly adapt to environmental changes, thus explaining the diversity of life. With environmental changes, even on the edge of the planet's atmosphere, the human species is evolving. The winds blowing across the world purify the air: the transitions provoked by manmade climate moisten the planet, ensuring the freshness of everything under the sun. This circular flow affects everythingDHuman beings are but one of the many species living in the midst of the cosmos; their destiny hinges greatly on the condition of our planet.

sSeed is Art. Flower is Planet..t
Zeami, one of founders of Noh, spoke of the ideal form, comparing the human heart to a flower, and the seed to craft, whereby an open heart is like a flower in bloom. The German philosopher Hegel claimed that in order for fruit and flowers to bloom in the ether, they must first be rooted in the lush vegetation of the earth. We decipher destiny in the winds of the universe, creating an environment for seeds to germinate in the belief that the flowers of this world may bloom on this earth.

For the best results a good seed calls for fertile soil. We have to ask ourselves whether we can create such a peaceful environment. What colour will be this seed be? As though a good-luck charm, these portraits awakens the inner seed in each of us, leading us towards a future state of happiness

January.2013.Tadamasa Yokoyama